Monday, December 7, 2009

Nothing fancy

I love bird dogs whose reason for being is finding birds and they look at you as you come abreast of them by rolling their eyes until you see the whites without them moving their heads.
I love the covey flush which gets your chest pounding and your adrenaline going as if it is your first covey.
I love the rise of a trout or better yet the hidden wink of the take of a dead drifted nymph.
The pull of a salmon as the fly swings on a drift.
The feeling you feel as you realize that you will soon have the moose dead to rights after a tense 20 minute stalk and you look asking, is he there? he should be there and then you see him bigger than anything you had imagined.
Sunsets,woodsmoke, leather, canvas, cold rain, warm sun, first snow of the season. The smell of balsam fir and wet dog. I taste and smell all of this in simply cooked wild game. Moose and onions. Its as good as food gets.

Well that picture was a disappointment, it didn't do it justice. Oh well off to the city tomorrow. Snow shoes and snowshoe hares soon winter has arrived.


  1. That looks delicious! You spoke well of why you like it. For years I missed out on a lot of outdoor time, as two jobs, a family, a farm, took all of my time. Though there are regrets for things lost, I do savor the chance to be outside again, with people who have become my family.

  2. I love all of those things too (even if I haven't experienced all of them yet)! Great post Dan.


  3. Hi Dan,
    Don’t worry ‘bout the picture, your words painted a far better one, great post.



  4. Dan- Very nicely put!

    There is something kind of magical about seeing that flash down at the bottom of a run, lifting the rod and coming tight to a fish, isn't there? I'll use a strike indicator, but it takes away some of the art and excitement of nymph fishing. Looking forward to reading about snowshoe hares. We have a few in the northern part of the state, but I've never gone up to the high country to seek them out.

  5. Dan...

    You summed it up just right! Yes...and, that looks delicious too!

    Thanks for sharing!