Saturday, January 16, 2010

I was out at evening looking for snowshoe hares with a 22 rifle and had no luck. Bird season and big game is long gone so I spend a few evenings now looking for hares with a 22 rifle that my dad bought for me a long time ago. We have had a very mild winter here in contrast to what most of eastern North America has been having, with very little snow. We normally get a great deal of snow, I mean meters of snow. This year so far no snowshoes are needed in the woods. Anyway today was damp cold not winter cold this evening in the woods and very little has moved in the woods since the last snowfall. I am home now, my daughter is home from nans and I am having a rum and coke with a bit of lime while frying a nice piece of moose with mushroom and onions. Life is good. Dark in the winter but still good. The moose and ptarmigan, ducks and geese that I shot the fall will keep me through the dark months. The sun is already on its way back north.
Its going to be a busy winter at work. It looks like I am going to be working a lot of 7 day weeks so I am glad to have gotten out the fall. Its now time to pay for it



  1. Hey Dan! Keep us posted though if you are able to get any of them hares! I haven't been out yet for rabbits - sounds like I'm going to be doing a lot of work, too. Wish we didn't have much snow either. Makes for better rabbit hunting.

  2. Hi Dan, Just catching up after 12 hr nights and my stomach is rumbling upon reading about that moose, rooms n onions! I’m glad that Life is good for you my man, and I can say it’s the same for me on this side of the pond. Ok off to the woods I go…..
    ch is rumbl