Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ptarmigan country in the snow


We have been having a very mild winter here in Newfoundland while it seems most of North America is getting hammered.The temperature here is expected to hang around the 32 degree Fahrenheit mark for the next week or so. We will get snow and rain. I had occasion to cross some barrens this afternoon and took a few pics. There was not much sign of life on the barrens, I walked for two hours and never cut a track or sign of life. All wildlife is in the woods clear of the open country


  1. Here in N.W. Montana, we get a lot of snow on an average year. Last year at this time, there was 4 feet of accumulated snow in my back yard. This year I have 70% grass showing! Back East and the Southern states seem to be getting it all. I'm okay with that.

  2. We normally get a great deal of accumulated snow but this year we have had very few snowstorms. We have had a great deal of wind. Snowshoes are needed in the woods now though Its mild though

  3. When I fired up the truck yesterday it was 2 F.with 28 mile an hour winds which made it well into the minus temperatures with the wind chill.

    32 sounds almost balmy. Thanks for the photos.

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  5. Great pics! I grew up in Alaska and hunting Ptarmigan, but never with dogs. Can one do that up there fairly easily? Although I'll have to check whether Newfoundland or Alaska is an easier drive! Yikes! Just checked a map! I don't think you can get there from here...lol!