Saturday, September 25, 2010

Out after the blow

Well most of last week was a write off. We had the remnants of Igor blow through last week. It was the harshest wind i have seen anywhere outside of Antarctica. Gusts were recorded at some locations of 167 kph or 107 mph. We had 150 mm of rain some spots recorded over 250. There are still communities isolated from roads washed out. Nearby there were utility poles knocked down and we were without power, water or phone for 24 hour. This was Tuesday and Wednesday some communities are still down. We are used to harsh weather here though.

Anyway yesterday dawned sunny and I got out for a few hours. I had to pick up my daughter at 3pm so i loaded dogs and my new Browning Superlight feather and headed out. I am extremely pleased with the new shotgun and have shot clays with it a few times. I have shot better with it than any of my other guns it just seems to fit and its fast

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  1. Neat country Dan. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe and productive hunting season!