Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last ptarmigan of the season

Well I was off for 8 weeks and started back to work yesterday. The ptarmigan season is closed now on the eastern part of the island.(Closed Sunday.) I may or may not get a few days in the central part of the island depending on the weather. If not I will spend my weekends now hunting grouse/ hares and then maybe a few seabirds as we get into the winter. I did not draw a big game licence this fall but probably will next fall. I do know that I will get in the woods every chance I get. I got out Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the weather was fantastic. I am about to clean my last bird now. It was a great fall


  1. Is there no chance to hunt them in full winter color? We have a unit or two in Southern CO that recently opened a late season opportunity to hunt ptarmigan in full white color. I hope I'll get a chance to get down there someday to face the winter conditions and find myself a white mounter.

  2. I've missed much of the hunting seasons this year due to taking care of Dad. Reading this makes me miss it less, as I feel like I've been there. Thank you Dan.

  3. Sucks going back to work! Sure hope you're able to get some more hunting in this fall, though. Nice size birds them are.

  4. Yes it looks like I am going to get away for a weekend trip in central Newfoundland in December. The birds will be pretty much white then except for a black band on the tail.

    Brigid sorry you missed much of your fall but family, as well it should comes first, hope your Dad is well.

    Casey the first couple of days were rough but the next few days will be ok. I get to mess about in boats at work many days. I am instructing a Survival Craft course the next few days

  5. Found your blog today on OBN. I like it and will "follow" along.

    The Average Joe Fisherman