Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have been getting out for an occasional afternoon looking for snowshoe hares and there are a few around. It is nice to see the evenings start to get a little longer as well.

My dogs both have a mild cough that is hanging on. I have spent about 500.00 in vet bills but we cannot find out exactly what is wrong. The dogs have their normal energy and appetite but have an occasional cough and engage in frequent headshaking as if they have an ear infection. They have been treated for French heartworm/lungworm and have been on antibiotics but still the coughing.
The vets here don't know whats wrong. Anyone have any ideas?



  1. get in touch with birddogdoc at Setter Feathers & Groused Tails. He'll either know or will give you some ideas.

  2. Thanks Gary. I don't like to ask professionals for advice if I don't know them though. I would feel awkward in asking. Going to try a different vet here though. 4 visits and still no definite answers.


  3. I am no vet, or pro, but have bred dogs for 25 years. With that in mind, I'd like to offer the following suggestions to look at.

    This may be obvious, or may not, but have you tested for Kennel Cough? I know it is contagious, which would explain why they both have the problem.

    I would look for mold or anything that could be causing a breathing problem. Seems like that would affect their energy though, and you said they seem fine other than the coughing.

    And the last thing I could suggest, is to take a look around in their environment to see if you have introduced anything new that could cause this reaction. Such as, a used rug, plants of any kind, cleaning agents or chemicals, new food, or treats, bedding, turf, etc.

    As I said, I'm no Vet, but these are a few things you can check that will cost you nothing. I hope you solve the mystery. Please let us all know when you do.
    Good Luck ~ Karen

  4. Thanks Karen,
    It I don't think it is anything environmental. Both dogs have the cough. My fathers dog also has an occasional cough and the head shaking. The vet put them on a course of antibiotics to no avail. I will be back to the vet again early next week. The dogs are not in any obvious discomfort except for an occasional cough. They also do a fair bit of mouth licking like they have something in their mouth they are trying to get clear of. I don't mind spending the money on visiting the vets office but I feel like they don't know whats wrong.

    Thanks again