Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big game this fall

I just found out I drew a bull only moose licence for this fall. I was glad to get it as I love to eat moose. I didn't have a moose licence last fall but had one the year before. I still have a bit of moose in the freezer and a few birds,. That and trout and maybe a salmon or two will get me through till the fall. Atlantic salmon will soon be running here and I hope to get in a bit of salmon fishing in this year.

Now if i can only get my two setters straight another vet visit is schedule for Tuesday evening.


  1. that's cool. I've been putting in for a moose in CO for ten years without success. I figure I'll draw right about the time my health starts to go to pot.

  2. Usually I get a moose licence every 2nd or 3rd year here Gary. I love the meat