Saturday, February 4, 2012

No moose

First time for a long time. I waited too late. Chasing birds with the dogs. Ice locked me out of the back country where its a sure thing. Quads and snowmobile would have opened up the back country but I don't like machines in the woods. Hares and eider ducks are next on the menu. A child should be able to kill a moose around here.Next time moose comes before the birds


  1. At least you are out, not staying inside because there's about 50,000 football fans who don't know how to use turn signals, driving around the area for the Super Bowl.

  2. Well that kinda sucks, Dan. I'm sorry to hear that. Better luck on the bunnies and ducks.

    Take care -

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  4. Brigid, I would hate to be anywhere near that 50,000.

    Yes Casey it sucks a bit because I love wild game so much but hey it could be worse. I do have a lot of birds and the hares are thick again this year. I also have a fair bit of moose from friends in the freezer. I helped two guys get their animals out so I do have a bit of meat. I will be extremely busy at work though the next several months

    Yes Gorges, I will concentrate on the freezer first next year.

  5. This reminded me of Jim Harrison's prose. Sorry for the bad luck, but beautiful writing...

  6. e.m.b, I don't mind not getting the moose too much. I just miss the wild meat.I had the joy of the time spent in the backcountry with a purpose. Next time though I will look for an animal earlier in the season.

    I love being out with my dogs. We are headed to the barrens shortly. As per my writing thanks but it is a long way from being anything. You are a wonderful writer though.
    Take care