Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strange people in the Cove

They are shooting a few scenes for a movie here in the the Cove right next to my house. They asked if they could use our home, dogs said no. Going to be a couple of late nights. Apparently Newfoundland is pretty hot right now. A few Hollywood types have shown up around here lately and a couple of big homes have recently been built around here. Hope they don't "DISCOVER" the place. Probably going to move get a little further out in the future I think. I don't handle crowds well.


  1. "They asked if they could use our home, dogs said no."

    Absolutely right. :) And I'm right there with you on crowds!

  2. EMB, The fall is just past the next bend. With it comes my time. Out with the dogs. I don't get to fish as much as I like but I have gotten out a few times for trout. I didn't even buy a salmon licence this year. I seem to be suffering from excessive busyness. It is epidemic it seems