Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back to work

After two months of solitary hunting, just me and the dogs, it seems strange to be back to work. Anyway I have been a week now back in the fakenphony world. I can look up though and still see the sun and stars and feel the weather. Thank God for weekends. I have two weeks put away for Christmas. It will be good to get in just to light a fire and boil the kettle. Snowshoe hares and maybe help a friend look for moose.


  1. How great to have had two months! ... though I am sure that after two months the transition back to work must be difficult.

    1. Yes I am lucky. I only work where I work because of the leave available. We do work a great deal of OT the rest of the year though. Loved your post on a working battery of guns.
      I didn't mean to complain on my post it just seems strange to be back. I have always felt more comfortable in the woods or at sea than in social settings

  2. Sounds like you'll be enjoying Christmas for two reasons, Dan. It'll be here soon enough.

    Be sure to augment the tea from the kettle with some good soup...

  3. Yes Michael it will be here soon and there will be indeed soup of the day