Sunday, November 6, 2016


Poor old Sam is getting old. He is 12 now and still going hard all day. Probably last year for hard hunting. I remember when a fall seemed to last forever now the 12-14 years of a bird dogs life seems as quick as the passing of a cloud. I have been bird hunting every day the weather permits , havent picked up the rifle yet. For Sam. Going to have another week bird hunting then going to look for a moose. Fair bit a sign around and after seeing a few moose. I NEED the meat so going to go at it soon


  1. 12 years out of a dog is pretty good. Mine never made it that far. But then they were only lazy house dog mutts and didn't get the good exercise Sam does.

    1. Most of my setters lived 12 to 14 years. With the last years semi then fully retired from field.The last years both they and I hate to leave them at home. Still get them out when I can. I love mutts too

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