Thursday, December 22, 2016

Funny thing about hunting

As in peculiar.
There are many stereotypes about hunters. Fat old rural guys who swill beer and roadhunt, who blast away at anything .
Nowadays there is the trend of the athletic hunter who have the latest ultralight gear by Kuiu, Sitka or such. (all great gear). This new hunting is viewed as an athletic event in which you win by killing a trophy animal. The hunter against the elements, the mountain, outsmarting the animal.
 I love to be in the wilds whether back backing, back country skiing,trail running or fishing or hunting. Hunting is what I love to do the most though in the back country
When I kill an animal or even a few birds I am glad to have been "successful". I don't feel like I have won though, I feel humbled. It is hard to me to articulate about I feel about hunting but it is not a sport. Is something much older, much deeper than that. It is, if it is true hunting, immersion in the wild and a true trip back through time.
It is from where we as humans have come and some of us for a while want to go back to.

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