Thursday, January 5, 2017

tough going

4 days hunting moose since last post They were where I wasn't. Tough conditions for an on foot hunter. Yesterday I got out to the jeep without a moose, would have been too tired to deal with one. The backcountry is for the motorheads now. Rest for a few days so I can deal with a potential packout then try it again.
Lots of people ask me why don't I use an atv. I would become a vegetarian first.

The road out.


  1. Back in 2002 when we visited the rock we made the long side trip down to Burgeo and I remember spotting the biggest moose I have ever seen. He must have had about a five and a half foot spread on the rack. He was about a mile away in the swamp. And all I could think was what a PITA it would be to have to haul him out that far from the bog. He probably knew it too and figured he was safe just were he was.

  2. Going to give it 3 more days starting tomorrow. Left it too late this year. It froze up fast this fall. I usually access the backcountry by canoe or boat for moose. They are in the timber now. I have been close. Using a rifle now with wide aperture sights on trip tomorrow. No place for scope when busting brush in snowy woods