Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big sky

In the video on the barrens you can see Duncan the Gordon going along but Sam is difficult to see. He gets out there when the country opens up. Next time I will show some pics of the dogs on point. I want to do the best for my dogs after their hard work so I don't get enough photos of the dogs pointing. Hopefully going again tomorrow

As strange as it may seem there are also a great many moose in this country. They lay in the spruce/fir breaks in the valleys where you get brooks and small streams. It used to be good caribou country years ago but numbers have declined greatly in this area


  1. I wonder why the caribou numbers are down? Seems I read some years ago that caribou practically had a population explosion. Oh, well, maybe they will make a comeback.

    Take care -

  2. Hello Casey, They were overpopulated and a parasitic brainworm got into the herds and wiped them out. Coyotes are making it hard for the numbers to recover. It also seems as if there is a caribou populations are cyclical over the longterm throughout North America. Most North American caribou herds are in decline. The numbers in Newfoundland were really low about 30 years ago but exploded just before the last crash. Moose numbers are at an all time high now and the number of licenses have been increased. I didn't draw this year though but should have one again next year.