Monday, October 25, 2010

We have been getting out a fair bit and the dogs have been doing well with the birds. The weather has been fair with frequent showers and a bit breezy but today was beautiful and sunny but still a bit of wind. I am afraid that this will be the last year for all day hunts with Duncan the Gordon but he loves getting out. It is time for me to get another dog and i am looking at getting a Gordon for my daughter this spring. Sam is doing well. Last year I hunted the dogs separately most days so I would aways have a fresh dog but this year have been working them together.
3 more weeks left off. Life is good


  1. That sure is some interesting country - without all the trees and all. It is beautiful. Nice to see the birds can make it there! Hope the next three weeks go well for you.

  2. Casey,
    Lots of spruce/fir and birch and alders/willow here.
    Newfoundland, the island is about 50% wooded and 50% Tundra. The "barrens" is on the higher country and along the exposed coast. Most of the south coast is barren and the North coast is wooded.After the ptarmigan season I will spend most of my time in the woods.