Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nice weekend

Nice warm Saturday afternoon in the crowded city

Pup wants to explore his world

Up the hill on back of the house

It was a little warm so we came back early. All three of the dogs will get a run along the shore this evening when it cools. Found a brood of grouse not 400 meters from the house. I know where there are 3 broods of birds within a 15 minute walk of the house. I won't fire a shot at either of them. Seems like it will be good for grouse. I hope ptarmigan numbers are good. I have been extremely busy but will have time the fall if all works out

That point in the last pic is a good spot in the winter for sea ducks. The islands are a seabird sanctuary.

Warm day here too warm for the dogs. Heading out in the yard to saw up some poplar I took down around the house. The woods are trying to creep into the living room. They have been keeping the place damp. Its 64 degress in the city. definitely warmer than that here. I would say its 70. Thats about as hot as it gets here. If you guys in mainland Canada or the USA ever get sick of the heat Newfoundland is your spot


  1. I'll mention Newfoundland to my wife! She is hating this heat and humidity, but just can't seem to move her...

    Thanks for sharing the scenery. It's beautiful.

  2. You are welcome here Casey if you don't mind the dogs