Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have been back to work a week and 1/2 now

Was supposed to be weekends only now.
I went moose hunting this weekend passed. It was blowing a gale so I couldn't get up the lake. The season has been opened a while now and there is a big cull on so I saw no moose or sign near the road. I don't have much of a chance with just weekend hunting.
I have a fair bit of leave accumulated so managed to wrangle another week off starting Friday. Going to give it an honest shot in the backcountry if the weather holds. Cool and clear here now. It is not hard to kill a moose here. The problem is for a solitary hunter that won't use a quad is to get a moose where he can manage it hence the freighter canoe or packframe. I also despise road hunting. When you are talking moose you don't want to use the pack frame once you are passed 50. A couple of weeks ago I could have killed them in my yard


  1. If you're going by canoe, I hope you get one just at water's edge (but not IN it)!

  2. Gorges, I wouldn't want to deal with a moose in the water.

    Gary he won't be too far from the water

  3. Lots of points to balance in the construction of a meaningful hunt. For me, shooting an elk, deer or a grouse in the front yard, though sometimes possible, would not really be a hunt. I mostly hunt big game alone and am over fifty too so I can appreciate constraints. A canoe hunt in your country for moose sounds like a just about perfect construction. Best of luck - I'm looking forward to the photos!

  4. Thanks, the smaller waters are freezing up fast and we are suppose to get a bit of snow and wind the next day or so. The big lake country that I want to access though is 12 kilometers up a rough road. If we get too much snow tonight and tomorrow I may have to change my plans a bit. Next week though the weather is going above freezing again so I hope to get up the chain of lakes. I too hunt mostly alone.