Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend hunting from here on in

Back to work tomorrow after 9 and a half weeks off. Today is the last day of the ptarmigan season in my area but for me it finished Thursday.
Today is a pretty nice day but I don't hunt on Sundays as that is a family day.

I will try the rifle the week to check that it has held zero and will now be out with a rifle every weekend until I get my moose or the season closes.

I hunt some big lakes by still hunting along the shore and also by spot and stalk. I glass morning and evening and on windy days I still hunt. I have to get my moose fairly near the shore so I can recover him by canoe or boat as I am a solitary hunter. Looking forward to it though and I truly appreciate the meat.

Shown above is an area I hunt moose.
Hate to leave the dogs home though!

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