Thursday, October 18, 2012

pup pointed 7 ptarmigan and

a cow and a calf moose. We were busting through some tamarack between one barren and the next when Jack pointed as I crashed through the brush a cow and calf moose got up just underfoot. Heart was a pumping.We have a few birds but the moose were left to wander off.


  1. The great late outdoors writer, Ted Trueblood, once wrote, 'Moose are just too big to shoot.' Having shot a few elk in my life, but never a moose, I believe I understand.

  2. Stephen, Yes moose are big pretty big and I have shot quite a few. I never got one last year, I left it a little bit too late and the snow blocked the good country. It was no ones fault but my own. I had to spent the time near the roads. This year I didn't draw a tag but I should get one next year. I loved Ted Truebloods writing in Field and Stream years ago.