Thursday, January 9, 2014

My father gave me his rifle

Marlin 336 in 30/30.
I have shot this rifle a bit over the years. I will use it for moose hunting hopefully in the future. The first moose I killed was with a .303 British. The first two moose I saw shot were shot with  a 30/30 they didn't go far. It is enough rifle if you are a hunter. The moose I shot in November was shot with a 30-06 but he was about 50 yards. This rifle was manufactured the same year I was born. It was probably the first center fire rifle I shot.

I am going to clean it up a little and maybe put a Lyman 66 sight on it. I like aperture sights.


  1. Dan: That's a go one, and all the better coming from your dad. I have a Model 94 30-30 of the WW2 production years when they neglected to keep track of the numbers. Common as mud but a solid straight and true lead chucker.
    I trust the snow storm has abated and the power is back on?

  2. thanks, I would love to have an older 94 like you have as well.
    Yes the snow has stopped and it is fairly mild at -8C. The power is back on now but we were going through rotating blackouts up until yesterday.We are ready for this kind of stuff though. I haven't been in the woods for a while since I have been sick. There is a great deal of snow down. I figure it will be here until the end of April