Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well I was slow to the start because of weather and some things to do but we are started now. Yesterday I had Sam my English setter up behind the house and had a few stands on ptarmigan. I killed the first single then a while later had another stand and thought he was standing on a small song bird as I could see the small bird on the ground(Sam is only a young dog). I dropped my pack and opened it up to get a drink when a single ptarmigan got up. Gotta trust the dog. Saw a few, killed one, I didn't even shoot at the last two after I had one in the bag. I must be getting old.
I also killed a Canada Goose yesterday when a bunch flew over. I don't intend this blog to be a collection of body shots but I wanted a picture for myself. Its been a slow start but getting into it now. Myself and my dogs are a long way from hunting condition but we have time.( we hope)

Spent this evening looking for a moose with my recurve bow.I have been shooting a recurve and a longbow since February and would have to be pretty close for a shot for the bow. Its a long season and I intend to give it a try with traditional gear first and will only take to the rifle come November

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