Friday, September 25, 2009

I am soon going to head in country for a few days. I am going to set up a wall tent with a wood stove and leave it in country. That way I can leave gear in and spend a bit more time in the backcountry which I truly love. I travel back in there by freighter canoe and walking. I use the canoe to get my camp in. One of the earlier pictures posted is of Duncan my Gordon in the canoe. There is nothing like laying under canvas with a with the sound and scent of a fire in the sheet metal stove while laying on a floor of balsam fir listening to wild geese on a frosty night

A few years ago before my daughter was born I used to camp alone for weeks on end often going in country in October and staying until freezeup at the end of November or early December. I would hunt birds and wait until I was ready to come out before shooting a moose or caribou.

Below is a picture of one of my camps from years ago.

No people but plenty of these


  1. All the above pics are from my scanned old photos

  2. Hey Dan. Eric from california here. I got here from Brigids site (thanks Brigid) and I can tell I'm going to enjoy your writing. I'm a dog guy as well. My wife and I currently have 2 black labs, Trooper and Chrisi. We hunt duck, pheasant and chukkar. We go back to our home in Utah every fall for a mulie or 2.
    You have some great looking dogs and beautiful country.
    The old photos are great.
    Looking forward to your hunting and dog adventures.

  3. Dan...

    Thanks for dropping me a note! Look forward to following you and your bird dogs!


  4. Dan,

    Cool blog! I'll put your blog on our Upland Equations blog role so we can hear about your adventures. Back country birdhunting has to be a great experience. I have always wanted to chase ptarmigans.