Wednesday, September 30, 2009

rain drizzle and fog

We have had great weather here all summer but I took no time off. Rain drizzle and fog is what we have had the past week except for a break of one day and its whats forecast for the next week off. I didn't get up country yet for a multiday trip but made a few day trips. Its hard to see big ranging dogs in this country in the fog. I was a mariner for 20+ years and hate wet weather. I guess I am living in the wrong place. I am going to head in Saturday coming, for a week. I took a drive in Monday past when the fog broke

The Picture just above is of the track up behind the house.
Anyway drove up and walked in to the hills( in the top picture) where there are a few birds but had no luck. The ptarmigan like to hang out on the crests of these hills. Anyway had a good walk but saw no birds which was pretty strange as there are good bird numbers this year.

I have been in with my longbow but no moose yet I see them all the time ptarmigan hunting. There are two in the 3rd picture which was taken on Monday. Can you spot them? Nothing but rain and fog so headed to the range with a friend today . I am heading in for the day tomorrow rain or shine. Trying to get the pictures where I want them on this page is as frustrating as waiting for a day without rain.

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