Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Does anyone know where the love of God goes

"when the waves turn the minutes to hours?"
I have always liked this song.

I spent many years on the North Atlantic and a few on the Southern Ocean as well.The majority of my years have been spent at sea. I went to sea right out of high school and stayed at it so I could get extended periods of leave to spend in the back country. Newfoundland was a very hard spot to make a living. I stayed at it and got my Canadian Master Mariners license about 10 years ago. I sailed on mostly foreign flagged (not Canadian Flagged) out of mostly East Coast USA ports. I now teach Sea survival and Marine firefighting. I took the position so I could stay at home with my daughter and still take my fall off. I have been lucky to make a transition to a decent living ashore but sometime still miss the sea. I live in an older home with a great ocean view and we wake many nights with the house shaking and rattling in the winter storms. I sometimes miss the sea but not the nights "when the waves turn the minutes to hours"

I used to work 4 months on two months off. I use to leave my house in the dark to go to the airport to catch a flight to join a ship maybe in Newark,somewhere on the Delaware ,or Miami and I use to wonder each trip if I would return. I have lost friends on the North Atlantic and we have lost former students this year.
God bless all Mariners,Fishermen, and Offshore workers.

"Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours? "


  1. I love that song. For many reasons. My full birth middle name is Brigid-Marie. My great Uncle was the captain of a Norwegian vessel the Marie Bakke, for which I was named. The ship was built in 1926 in Denmark I believe. Childless, my Mom as his favorite niece and he would visit us every few years.

    I lived on a Taiwanese ketch for a while, while flying for Secret Squirrel. I'd lie awake in the dark and listen to the slap of the waves again the hull, more comforting than any lullaby could be.

    My brothers are all mariners, all of them. I took to the skies instead, only visiting the sea on occasion.

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  3. Worthy sentiments is a great post, Dan. Very nice work!

  4. Excellent Blog, and great song.

    Saludos desde Mexico.