Monday, November 9, 2009

Will you take me now!

They haven't been patient. My two dogs need a run


  1. I know that look. I have 1/3 acre that is fenced for Barkley to run around without me having to watch for him getting into the pond, coyotes, or the like if I'm busy inside. But still, he wants to go out NOW. He's 8 now, so it's not as constant, but I SO know that look.

  2. The dogs haven't been for a run in over a week. I am staying home with my girl though until she gets better. She was pretty sick but she hasn't complained at all. She seems to be getting better but the same thing happened about 10 days ago then she got sick again. About 50% of children are absent from school here with some kids quite sick. Most adults though have had mild symptoms