Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In early waiting for moose

I went in early yesterday morning. It was beautiful with the early morning moon.

I walked in on a ridge overlooking a few marshes by a fair size lake. (still called ponds in Newfoundland)
I saw some fresh sign but no animals. I came out early as I was still a little under the weather.It was though a beautiful morning, the pictures don't do it justice. On Thursday I am going to head up this lake with canoe,wall tent,cast iron pan and tin stove. I am going to put my camp where a brook runs into the lake on back of those islands. If you are on this ridge in a few more evenings you would see my evening fire. This is good moose country. It is on the opposite end of the same lake pictured in my last post


  1. That's awesome country you get to hunt. Thank you for sharing your hunt!

  2. That's awesome country you get to hunt. Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to see how it ends!

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  4. Sorry poor spelling
    Thanks and welcome. I just visited your blog and will be a regular visitor to it as well. I have a sister in Iowa but she is in Sioux City. That's in the western part of the state I believe. I intend to get down there for a visit soon. Probably during pheasant/ deer season:-)

  5. Killing a moose must mess up a perfectly good hunting trip?!?! How the heck do you get the thing out of where you killed it! I do love to eat moose though! My favorite is moose chili! Cool country! Thanks for sharing & good luck!

  6. Dan,
    Great photos of beautiful country again!

    Good luck w/ your hunt.

  7. Shawn,
    Yes its tough to lug them out. I use a packframe to get them to the lake or road but you have to be careful. A few times late in the season I have killed them where I have had to bone them out and carry the meat out but I don't do it unless i absolutely have to. I saw numerous moose while bird hunting but it would be easier to move in country for the winter than lug the meat out. I may be a bit delayed in going in as my daughter is still sick.

    Thanks MDMM