Saturday, October 24, 2009

rain has stopped but

The rain has stopped for the first time in days but I have picked up some kind of bug in my chest and throat so I am here looking out the window. I haven't been out since Wednesday.It is pretty breezy though. I am going in Tuesday for an few days if I feel alright. Its good to see the sun. I plan to spend next week with the bird dogs but I am going to get serious with looking for a moose come November. I have seen quite a few moose this fall and its no problem to shoot one. The problem is to get one where you can do something with him,especially when you are by yourself . I have had some terrible lugs on moose over the years. This year I hopefully will get him along a lake or river so I can get a canoe or boat to him. I have an old Model 70 in 30-06 that I am quite fond of. After November 1st, the dogs are staying home until I get him hung. I will post some pictures of my moose hunting area when I go there. I access it by canoe, you can walk there but access is a great deal easier by canoe or boat. We are starting to get snow now here but It hasn't been sticking around. I love moose hunting in the snow.

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  1. What I would give for a view like that out MY window.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.