Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still Raining

Here in Newfoundland we tend to get a fair bit of rain in the fall but this October it has been unreal. We have rain or drizzle everyday. I don't mind getting a bit wet but I like being able to see my dogs. Yesterday the fog and drizzle lifted a little so I took the rain gear and headed into a spot I haven't been for years. I shot my first bird there and hunted it regularly with my father years ago. Had quite a few rain showers in there but It was worth it. Dogs found a few birds and I saw some country that I haven't seen for years. Rain is forecast for the next few days and my legs and the dogs paws need a bit of rest so we will probably wait until Saturday before going in again. I don't think it going to stop raining, it will just change to snow soon. I am soon going to have to spend some time seriously looking for a moose. I would much rather just run my dogs. There are days with iffy weather in which it would be easy to stay home but I go for the dogs.

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