Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well I have had a few days in and yesterday had a day with no rain.
I spent Saturday afternoon hunting with my Gordon on the open barrens it was windy and the birds were wild. Relaxed in camp Sunday and hunted Sam in heavy rain and fog Monday. Guns required a lot of cleaning. I spent Tuesday bowhunting for moose inthe bottoms and saw a few animals but couldn't get close enough for a shot but did kill a grouse with the bow. This was my first kill with the bow. I intend to give it another month with the bow before taking up the rifle. Moose season here is 3 month long so I will wait until late November before picking up the rifle. There is not much pressure in where I have my camp. Wednesday, yesterday the sun came out and it was a beautiful day on the barrens. I ran the two dogs as I won;t need a fresh dog for a few days and saw a good few birds and had some great dog work. Shot a few birds for the dog. Got home this morning with heavy rain forecast for the next few days. I will be going back in Saturday morning

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