Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The other thing I like to do but don't get a great deal of time for is backpacking in the backcountry and fishing for trout. I don't get as much time as I wish as I save my leave for fall

We also have good Atlantic Salmon fishing

test for pics

I am having a little trouble getting the pictures where I want them so I am just trying a few test pics

Just one more for test

rain drizzle and fog

We have had great weather here all summer but I took no time off. Rain drizzle and fog is what we have had the past week except for a break of one day and its whats forecast for the next week off. I didn't get up country yet for a multiday trip but made a few day trips. Its hard to see big ranging dogs in this country in the fog. I was a mariner for 20+ years and hate wet weather. I guess I am living in the wrong place. I am going to head in Saturday coming, for a week. I took a drive in Monday past when the fog broke

The Picture just above is of the track up behind the house.
Anyway drove up and walked in to the hills( in the top picture) where there are a few birds but had no luck. The ptarmigan like to hang out on the crests of these hills. Anyway had a good walk but saw no birds which was pretty strange as there are good bird numbers this year.

I have been in with my longbow but no moose yet I see them all the time ptarmigan hunting. There are two in the 3rd picture which was taken on Monday. Can you spot them? Nothing but rain and fog so headed to the range with a friend today . I am heading in for the day tomorrow rain or shine. Trying to get the pictures where I want them on this page is as frustrating as waiting for a day without rain.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I am soon going to head in country for a few days. I am going to set up a wall tent with a wood stove and leave it in country. That way I can leave gear in and spend a bit more time in the backcountry which I truly love. I travel back in there by freighter canoe and walking. I use the canoe to get my camp in. One of the earlier pictures posted is of Duncan my Gordon in the canoe. There is nothing like laying under canvas with a with the sound and scent of a fire in the sheet metal stove while laying on a floor of balsam fir listening to wild geese on a frosty night

A few years ago before my daughter was born I used to camp alone for weeks on end often going in country in October and staying until freezeup at the end of November or early December. I would hunt birds and wait until I was ready to come out before shooting a moose or caribou.

Below is a picture of one of my camps from years ago.

No people but plenty of these

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birddog up behind house

Well I was slow to the start because of weather and some things to do but we are started now. Yesterday I had Sam my English setter up behind the house and had a few stands on ptarmigan. I killed the first single then a while later had another stand and thought he was standing on a small song bird as I could see the small bird on the ground(Sam is only a young dog). I dropped my pack and opened it up to get a drink when a single ptarmigan got up. Gotta trust the dog. Saw a few, killed one, I didn't even shoot at the last two after I had one in the bag. I must be getting old.
I also killed a Canada Goose yesterday when a bunch flew over. I don't intend this blog to be a collection of body shots but I wanted a picture for myself. Its been a slow start but getting into it now. Myself and my dogs are a long way from hunting condition but we have time.( we hope)

Spent this evening looking for a moose with my recurve bow.I have been shooting a recurve and a longbow since February and would have to be pretty close for a shot for the bow. Its a long season and I intend to give it a try with traditional gear first and will only take to the rifle come November

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just a start.

First post on my first blog. This is intended to be a record of my time afield: hunting, shooting, fishing, and chasing bird dogs. I truly love life outdoors and this will be a collection of my thoughts with a few videos and pictures thrown in. I hope to be behind my two birddogs the next two months for a fair bit of time.

I currently have two.

That’s Duncan on the top and just below is Sam. I have always have had bird dogs in my life and will be hunting them for ptarmigan everyday that it is fit to go outside and many days when its not fit. I have just started 2 months vacation and have a moose to get as well. The next two months I hope to get afield every day. Either for birds or moose