Thursday, January 9, 2014

My father gave me his rifle

Marlin 336 in 30/30.
I have shot this rifle a bit over the years. I will use it for moose hunting hopefully in the future. The first moose I killed was with a .303 British. The first two moose I saw shot were shot with  a 30/30 they didn't go far. It is enough rifle if you are a hunter. The moose I shot in November was shot with a 30-06 but he was about 50 yards. This rifle was manufactured the same year I was born. It was probably the first center fire rifle I shot.

I am going to clean it up a little and maybe put a Lyman 66 sight on it. I like aperture sights.

Moose and caribou country

Moose and caribou country, Glad to live in it

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Power gone

More than 50% of the people here on the island have lost power. It is not expected on for up to 24 hours. We lost ours early this morning. We are warm and cozy here. Being prepared pays off, also being lucky helps as well.

We have drifts in my yard quite deep. Winds steady 90 gusting 110 km/hour. No vis in drifting snow. Some folks are in hard shape.

Snow, snow ,snow

It has been snowing here now for a month. Blizzard conditions and warnings the past two days. Today it is supposed to warm up to -8c (18F) so thats a bit of a break. I don't mind the snow, I enjoy being out in the woods in it. Hunting, skiing, snowshoeing. I will be housebound for a while now though it seems because of complications of a respiratory infection. I hope I get a chance later to enjoy the snow.

Some older pics (posted here before)