Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Going to give this a month first

Older pictures. I need a new camera

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dogs getting a well deserved rest

I am laying down the shotgun and picking up the rifle. Time for moose hunting. Backcountry solitary moose hunting is tough work but the rewards are great. As I posted here before  before though the problem is not getting one but getting one where you can get him out. I use a canoe or boat to get them out. I hate road hunting and atv's. It usually takes a couple of days for me to get my animal out.

The bull pictured is one I shot a quite a few years ago miles from the nearest road.
I have an either sex licence but will not shoot a cow with a calf. 
We have a long moose season here it runs from the First Saturday of October to the last Sunday in January.  
I love moose beautiful animals to me and they are big part of my life. Like seeing them all year long. I was pretty close to a couple last week bird hunting

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Moose hunting here soon

Access by boat and canoe. Lots of sign and I have seen a few bird hunting


Poor old Sam is getting old. He is 12 now and still going hard all day. Probably last year for hard hunting. I remember when a fall seemed to last forever now the 12-14 years of a bird dogs life seems as quick as the passing of a cloud. I have been bird hunting every day the weather permits , havent picked up the rifle yet. For Sam. Going to have another week bird hunting then going to look for a moose. Fair bit a sign around and after seeing a few moose. I NEED the meat so going to go at it soon