Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last ptarmigan of the season

Well I was off for 8 weeks and started back to work yesterday. The ptarmigan season is closed now on the eastern part of the island.(Closed Sunday.) I may or may not get a few days in the central part of the island depending on the weather. If not I will spend my weekends now hunting grouse/ hares and then maybe a few seabirds as we get into the winter. I did not draw a big game licence this fall but probably will next fall. I do know that I will get in the woods every chance I get. I got out Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the weather was fantastic. I am about to clean my last bird now. It was a great fall

Friday, November 12, 2010

Last few days out

Beautiful weather forecast for the next three days. Last week was rough but we still did ok. After Sunday work. UUGHH

Friday, November 5, 2010


The wind has been blowing all week but it remains mild. We had some frost this week but nothing too bad but the wind has been giving the dogs a hard time. They get a bit of bird scent and up get the birds. Flushing way out of range. I saw 9 birds in singles and doubles Wednesday 20 minutes out of the truck and didn't pull the trigger. Walked then 7 hours for two birds. Today I saw about 10 birds and killed one. The dogs are enjoying it and thats the main thing. My older Gordon is having a great fall and this will probably be his last for all day hunts. saw caribou and moose everywhere today.Sorry pics aren't great, too busy, having a great time

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


He is not wrong when he calls it the ultimate game stew. I have had it with moose,ptarmigan(partridge,) snowshoe hares ( rabbits ) even Turr anything turns out well with this. I am on the first pot of the year and it will carry me through a long day tomorrow on the barrens hopefully. Its not done yet

Week and a half left

I still have close to two weeks off but am waiting out a spell of weather. Coming into November the weather is always a bit iffy here especially with the wind. I will start doing a bit of grouse hunting and rabbit slipping now and head for the open country on fair days. I was going to say good days but they are few and far between now