Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Fall is Near

It looks like we will probably make it to the fall. In less than three weeks I will be throwing work aside for another full season to spend hunting. I finish work on the 16th of September and in the past few weeks myself and my dogs have been getting ready. I spent a only few evenings trout fishing the summer and didn't even wet a fly for salmon this year. . I might have been out in the canoe once or twice but mostly have been busy with work. I did get away once a week or so to the local range to shoot a bit. Trying to get myself and my dogs back into hunting shape is what we have to do most evening now.
As I get older I find it takes longer to get used to the days in which you start walking at first light and probably still are walking after the sun set. I hope to be actively blogging as well again this fall. All my life I loved this time of year.