Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ptarmigan country in the snow


We have been having a very mild winter here in Newfoundland while it seems most of North America is getting hammered.The temperature here is expected to hang around the 32 degree Fahrenheit mark for the next week or so. We will get snow and rain. I had occasion to cross some barrens this afternoon and took a few pics. There was not much sign of life on the barrens, I walked for two hours and never cut a track or sign of life. All wildlife is in the woods clear of the open country

Sunday, February 7, 2010

looking for a pup

I am looking at getting another dog come spring. I am thinking about another Gordon, one for my daughter. We have a Gordon and and English setter now but the Gordon is starting to get up there. I am hopeful for a year or two with him yet(the older Gordon). I love having a pup around the house

I also need a couple of dogs in the fall as I take the last two weeks of September, and all October, November. Its always good to have a fresh dog on hand


Old dogs gone

This was taken a couple of years ago I used to spend quite a bit of time in after hares with beagles. It was great fun and a great deal more productive than hunting without dogs

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hunt,fish, eat

We are just coming through a blizzard here on the east coast of Newfoundland but at least its mild. I have been out a fair bit looking for snowshoe hares on weekends and evenings when I can get away but am seeing more signs of coyotes than hares. Hunting has been poor for me this winter meatwise but I had a great fall. I am still eating moose 5 days a week and ptarmigan,hare or waterfowl for a change. I might have a bit of chicken on Sunday otherwise I have eaten nothing but game since November.
I just finished a big pot of Chilindron made with moose. I got the recipe from here http://www.honest-food.net/blog1/wild-game/chilindron-spanish-red-pepper-stew/.It is really worth trying as well as the other recipes on this great website. I have been eating this since Thursday night and am sorry to see the last of it go. Tonight I will be having ptarmigan fried in a cast iron pan with olive oil and a bit of garlic with a few pieces of broccoli, cauliflower and leeks. Trout fishing for brook trout through the ice is next. I should really start working on those coyotes as well. I am not keen on shooting if I am not going to eat it but the coyotes are getting very thick here in some places. In one spot they are following me and taking hares from my snares.