Thursday, January 1, 2015

Back country Hunters and Anglers

When I left high school all I wanted to do was hunt and fish and to spend as much time outdoors as was possible.The September after high school graduation found me in a university supposedly laying a track towards a career in wildlife biology and management.I didn't last through the end of October. I quit and went into the nearest back country area and hunted until the snow came and the seasons ended.
  I took the next several falls off and did the same.I ended up going to sea so as I could have the fall off every year and this past fall I have done the same. I am now 53 and have never missed a fall hunting the backcountry. I live for hunting the back country away from roads.

I love the wilderness so much that I sometimes wish that I had carried on through with my career plan in wildlife biology so I could give something back to that  I love so much. But there are few who have spent as much time hunting as I so I am happy with what I have done with my life.
   Giving back though is a worthwhile thing and one of the best ways to give back to wild lands is to support the "Backcountry Hunters and Anglers". They support wilderness areas ,public access to wild lands and the preservation of wild lands all in an ethical manner. There is no chapter here in Newfoundland but I pay my yearly fee because we should all do our part to support wild country where ever it may be.

If you like hunting away from the drone of motors maybe you should donate a few dollars to a worthwhile cause.