Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am appreciating this

There were times last year when I had doubts we would all make it especially the dogs.
We are appreciating this. When I was 17 I quit university to go bird hunting and a year or two later picked a career that would allow me to take the falls off. Now in my 50's I know life is just a flash. Had a great couple of days with the dogs. Living for the day


  1. That's the way we have to take it, Dan. And try to be as thankful as we can - every day is a gift, really. And being able to bird hunt often? Priceless.

    Take care -

  2. You should come up this way some day Casey you would enjoy it. You can hunt for days and not see another person. I have to go into work for a day tomorrow but then will have another 3 weeks off. It can end any day. I know this and am thankful for the days I have.

  3. What Casey said. It goes even faster at 60. "...And some people chase money.."-!