Thursday, October 13, 2011

my legs hurt

I just took two birds out of the oven(ptarmigan) with a small pot of turnip and carrots. I am home about an hour. I had a day in with Sam my English yesterday and got a few birds but had a day today with Dunc my older Gordon which will help get me through the winter. He is an old dog at 12 but he gets it done without any flash. Today was one of the best days I ever had on the barrens. I walked a lot the past two days and climbed some big friggen rocks today with a 12 y/o dog that doesn't know the meaning of quit. I also saw one of the biggest bull moose that I have seen in a long time and am going to have a look see tomorrow with my rifle. A few pics maybe tomorrow.
Its an old cliché but life is good. And some people chase money


  1. They don't have a clue what they're missing!

  2. I would much rather chase wings!

  3. Gorges
    I like it in there by myself so i don't mind if the hordes are not in tere.

    I too would rather chase wings but we cant live on wings alone

  4. My spelling and punctuation are atrocious. Sorry no excuse\